By Jill

If you’re a record junkie like me, then you probably look forward to a bunch of new music releases in the new year. Here are the top ten according to Uproxx

  1. Kanye West – Whatever it is that he is working on at the moment. People seem to be obsessed with him regardless of what he’s doing. In 2016 when he released LIFE OF PABLO, there were already rumors of a new album that was to be released shortly after that. He said it would be called TURBO GRAFX 16, unfortunately that album never happened.
  2. Vampire Weekend– YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Singer Ezra Koenig said he’s been working on the new album full time for over two years so IT BETTER BE GOOD!
  3. Beyonce – DUH! When are people not obsessed with Bey and all that she does. She literally breathes money.
  4. Drake – That’s another “duh”. Doesn’t he release like 10 albums per year? Or was that just his 22 song playlist on Spotify. That doesn’t count Drake!
  5. Jack White ( White Stripes) – Well, it’s about time! His next album is supposedly called BOARDING HOUSE RANCH!
  6. SZA – She’s apparently been working on something with Mark Ronson (Uptown Funk) for the past few months
  7. Nicki Minaj – She said she’s going to “go even deeper” on her new album. Dear God, gird your loins.
  8. Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen – Yes, he’s still kickin and he’s making more money than any of us so reserve judgement.
  9. Cardi B– She has to do something other than stare at that huge diamond on her finger.
  10. Tool – They haven’t had an album in TWELVE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drummer, Danny Carey said they are planning to release a new album sometime this year. SHWEEEEET!



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