By Jill

We have all done it. I’m talking about leaving something in our car that we shouldn’t. Sometimes we leave our purse on the front seat to run into a gas station real quick or pop in and out of the car to pick someone up. But, did you know there are specific things you shouldn’t leave in your car when it’s COLD outside? With this weather being what it is..make sure that you don’t leave ANY of these items in your car.

  1. Your Cell Phone – If it gets too cold it can cause the phone to shut off or even mess up the battery.
  2. Soda or Beer – Ok, first of all …you shouldn’t have a beer in your car…I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say that…unless your dumb, then maybe I do. Carbonated drinks and even water will expand when frozen and possibly explode all over your car.
  3. Canned Foods – I don’t understand this one unless you leave your groceries in the car for some reason. If you do, It’s pretty much the same reasoning as the soda. The can can expand and cause the seal to break and making your food spoil.
  4. Musical Instruments – The wood can crack and the instrument can drift out of tune.
  5. A Low Gas Tank – My father has been warning me about this since I was old enough to drive. NEVER let your gas tank get low ESPECIALLY in cold weather. You should know this. If you don’t..give me your number and I’ll have my father call you and tell you how your fuel lines can freeze.
  6. Medication– Certain drugs can lose effect if they go below a certain temperature.



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