By Jill

According to an article in the DAILY MAIL  it IS possible to find love around Valentine’s Day. It takes approximately 6 weeks to find someone and magically make them fall in love with you. Now, I’m just going to put a disclaimer in here that says there is NO proof this will work, but maybe you’ll have fun trying.

Here’s whatcha do!

1. Introduce them to your family. Allegedly, this ups the stakes, shows them you’re in it for the long haul. If this part goes well, it makes your potential new partner feel like I bigger part of your life than they originally did.

But it could also backfire and scare them off. So don’t try it if you JUST started dating.

2. Plan a bunch of stuff…FUN stuff to do over the next month. They’ll be having so much fun with you they won’t even realize it’s almost Valentine’s Day. By the time it’s here they will think EVERY day is Valentine’s Day with YOU! It will also take their ( and your) mind off the fact that the holiday’s just happened and your both broke.

3. This one is important because people LOVE their shows. Start watching a new show together. That is something to bond over, then you won’t want to watch it without each other.

This all sounds like fun….good luck…and may the odds be forever in your favor.

Then again you can always just go to a bar, get drunk and pick someone up….

Just kidding don’t do that.

It IS fun though.



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