By Jill

With the 10th Annual Downtown Food and Wine Fest right around the corner, I figured this was perfect to wet your taste buds so to speak. Did you know there are other uses for wine than just drinking it? Seems like a waste, but hear me out on this.

Here are a few uses for wine according to ECOSALON.COM

Some of these are going to blow your mind so get ready!


Fabric dye

If you’ve ever spilled red wine on yourself, you know it stains. I once tie dyed a white dress with wine bc I spilled it and it was easier than bleaching it. True story.
If you want to dye fabric on purpose, here is how to do it. Heat the wine to simmering in a big soup pot on the stove top, add your fabric, stir with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes and allow to cool. Rinse the fabric well.

Skin softener

Some recommend using red wine as a toner to tighten skin. I’ll try it.

Frozen cubes of flavor

Pour leftover wine into an ice tray so you always have easy-to-use, single servings of extra flavor on hand for soup, stew, sauces and other cooking uses.
I thought wine didn’t freeze. I’m so confused.

Clean fruits and vegetables

Apparently, the alcohol in the wine dissolves impurities on the surface, and according to a 2005 study by Mark Daeschel of Oregon State University, components in wine kill several types of foodborne pathogens like salmonella and E. coli.

Kitchen disinfectant

Just don’t try this tip on granite, as acids will eat away at the surface.

Glass cleaner

Spoiled white wine is on its way to being vinegar, so naturally it should work on glass. Add a few splashes of water to it and VOILA!

Fruit fly trap
(What did you call me?)

Just pour a half-inch of red wine into a glass and cover it tightly with plastic wrap. Then, poke a few small holes in the wrap, which will let the flies in, but won’t allow them to exit.

Remove grease stains

Pour leftover white wine onto grease and oil stains on garage floors and driveways, and the alcohol and acidity will help them dissipate.

Heal bruises
By drinking it?

Wine is rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants that have a number of beneficial effects on the body, including soothing inflamed tissue.

Use wine to clean wine
Am I drunk?

You’re at a dinner party, and an enthusiastic hand gesture knocks your glass of red wine over right onto the host’s new white carpet. What to do? Grab the nearest glass of white wine – not to help you forget your embarrassment, but to pour onto the red wine stain. Flood the stain and then blot it up immediately with a towel.

Why not just use water? Seems like you’re wasting double the wine. What a shame.

Help your heart

The antioxidants and reservatrol found in red wine make this alcoholic beverage healthy for your heart. Studies have shown that a moderate intake of red wine can increase levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, protecting against artery damage. I said MODERATE. What’s that?

Meat marinade

Marinating steak in red wine for at least six hours before cooking can reduce two types of carcinogens by up to 90 percent. Use about a cup of red wine, a cup of olive oil and the seasonings of your choice like garlic, parsley and peppercorns.

Turn it into jelly

Simply requires a few pots and some canning jars.Sounds like work.

Relieve dyspepsia

While wine itself can be the culprit of heartburn in some people, it can actually cure it in others. At least, that’s according to old European folk wisdom, which advocates drinking a glass of light white wine, which has low alcohol content. Some types of white wines contain added sodium bicarbonate – otherwise known as baking soda, a proven heartburn remedy – to temper acidity, so that might explain it.

Make red wine reduction

If you have some left over wine ( What’s that?) that you don’t particularly like ( I don’t get it) This recipe from Cooking Light uses broth, wine, shallots and tomato paste.

PS! You can get your pre-sale tickets for Food and Wine now through January 25th. Check out for details. (Should be pretty easy, you’re already here)


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