By Jill

You know who you are and you are bougie AF and we love you. You are that friend that wants us to get the gold facial at the spa together that you KNOW we can’t afford. You want to shop and eat and shop and eat. I recently joined amazing prime and I’m obsessed with all things amazon. Quite frankly, I got tired of paying for shipping. At night I like to sip wine and browse amazon to see what I COULD buy if I wanted to spend the money. I may have ordered a few of these.
Check em out.

1. Gold Mask Scrub – You knew this was in there. Whats more bougie than washing your face WITH GOLD!
2. A pillow filled with buckwheat – Apparently this helps you meditate. I need this. Expect mine needs to be filled with money.
3. An auto milk frother so you can be your own Starbucks – I’d rather stick with my Kureg. I don’t drink my coffee with milk anyway.
4. A satin pillow case– This helps not make your hair frizzy. I should probably have one of these, but knowing my house, Harold or Elliot will wine up with it instead of me.
5. Handmade goat milk soaps – Can I eat it? Why do I need goat stuff in my soap? Does it smell good? Great! Now I have to order one.
6. An oil diffuser– I want one that smells like eucalyptus and lavender….and brownies.
7. Toilet spray– so you can smell good ON ANY OCCASION. EW!
8. Vintage crystal perfume bottle– Elliot will just wind up breaking this. Pass!
9. Stainless steel wine glasses – OMG MUST HAVE MUST HAVE NOW
10.A water filter system for your faucet – I have one on my fridge so I’m good. It looks pretty tho. Do they have one that dispenses wine from my faucet? I’d buy that.

For the full list of 24, check it out HERE!


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