By Jill

I saw something very interesting on Facebook today. It said “What would you buy for 10,000 dollars if you could only use the first letter of your name. In other words, since my name is Jill I can only buy things that begin with the letter J.

So, it made me think. What WOULD I buy that starts with the letter J? I have no idea. All that is coming to mind is JELLY. I don’t really feel like I love jelly enough to buy 10k worth. So I did some research. Here is what I found.

Jeggings ( I have been wanting these and my friends say they aren’t cool. WELL WELL finally I have a reason to buy them because they start with J. BOOM! )

Jewels (THANK YOU) I’m rich B*&((^ I can do what I want! 🙂

Jumpsuits ( Which I LOVE, I would own one in every color if I could)

Jimmy Chews!!!!! ( Those are shoes…and they rule…and I could never afford them UNLESS I had 10k)

Jaguar ( I couln’t buy the car with 10k and I probably couldn’t buy the animal either. Where would I keep it?)

Jacket ( I could find a really cool one …but this is Florida and we rarely need them, but I’d buy it anyway.)

Jeans ( cool ones…ya know the ones that cost a ton and have holes already in them. LOL)

What would YOU buy with 10k if you could only purchase things that began with the first letter of your name!?




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