By Jill

Since I’m getting married this year, I thought it would be good to make a list of things that people do that are annoying at weddings. I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and I’ve seen some people act in ways that would make Marylin Manson cringe.

If you do any of these when you attend a wedding…you need to stop LIKE NOW!

  1. If you are a guest at a wedding and you wear white– Unless it is specified in the invitation that it is some sort of “dress in all white” type of party, don’t try to wear the same color as the bride…It’s tacky and everyone will hate you.
  2. If you bring an UNinvited plus one– Weddings cost money and they are usually on a PER PERSON basis. Usually a good rule of thumb to follow is this: If the invitation says Plus one or “you and a guest are invited to” or if it asks for how many people are attending in the RSVP, that usually means you can bring a guest. If you are a married couple, the invitation will usually be addressed to both of you by name.
  3. Complaining of any kind – This wedding is not about you. If there is something you don’t like, shut up and deal with it.
  4. Bringing kids to a no kid wedding– Some people are offended by this, but if it’s what the bride and groom want, then it should be respected. Get a sitter and enjoy an adult night out.
  5. Making announcements – Do not propose or announce your pregnancy at someone else’s wedding. This is super tacky and trying to make a huge event about you just makes you a bad friend UNLESS the bride and groom have been asked and actually WANT you to do that as part of their big day.
  6. Asking the photographer for your own photo sesh during the wedding – Photographers are expensive and they have been paid for by the Bride and Groom and should be focused on the wedding and the events of that special day…not you and your new boyfriend slow dancing on the dance floor. Take your own pics with your phone if that’s what you want.
  7. Not RSVPing – If you don’t RSVP in time, you don’t get to come to the wedding. If you don’t RSVP at all, the Bride and Groom will assume you are not coming and will not count you in their total. As specified in #2, each person in attendance costs money. So do not say you aren’t coming and show up or vice versa. If you say you are coming, you better be there because the bride and groom WILL be charged for you EVEN if you don’t show up and that’s just rude.
  8. Asking to change your seat – I’m sorry you don’t want to be at a table with some people that you don’t know, but again this wedding isn’t about you and chances are there is someone ( that probably charges a lot of money aka a wedding planner) that spent time carefully planning out a seating chart. So just be quiet, sit down and eat your cake.
  9. Making inappropriate song requests – This isn’t a frat party, it’s someone’s wedding. The bride and groom have probably met with the DJ/Band multiple times to go over what they wanted played and what they did not want played. So, throw back a glass of wine and shake a tail feather to whatever the DJ plays.
  10. Skipping the ceremony and just showing up for the reception – Unless you have some sort of prior engagement, you have been asked to that wedding  because the bride and groom thought you were special enough to share in their day. They want you there to witness the actual act of being married. The reception is to celebrate and say thank you for being here with us. It is not just one big party. It’s kind of like dessert after dinner, you don’t eat your vegetables…you can’t have dessert.

There are many more obnoxious acts HERE. If you have a wedding coming up and you’re not sure if you are THAT person or not, take a quick look at the full list and make sure you won’t be the topic of conversation the next day.




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