By Jill

We used to live in a world where emojis were used to create comedy and help with intent of attitude. Everything from “Meh” to “Shoulder Shrug” to “Strong Arm” and even a “Taco”.

Sources are now saying that sending emojis in work emails make you seem more professional and can help you get your point across when writing out your words.

According to the Huffington Post, here are the top rated emojis.

  1. Poop Emoji. – You can say it’s chocolate iced cream all you want. We know what it really is.
  2. The Eggplant – The most fun emoji out there, unless you send it to the wrong person. Then it’s so terrifying you want to hibernate for 6 months.
  3. Tears of Joy – Ok nothing is that funny. Just write LOL and be done with it.
  4. Bowing Deeply- Who uses this?
  5. Shocked Face- This is one my favorites. It’s what I use when I have no clue what to say to people after they have said something stupid.
  6. Regular Monkey- He’s super chill.
  7. Hear No Evil Monkey
  8. See No Evil Monkey
  9. Speak No Evil Monkey- We love the monkeys don’t we?
  10. Turtle- WHAT?! There is no way Turtle beat out facepalm. Face palm, shoulder shrug and basic girl are my favorites. Check out the top 100 for yourself.

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