By Jill

We have all been there. Under 18….under 21….we feel that rebellious side come out where we want to do things that we aren’t necessarily old enough to do. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have been in such a rush to grow up. It’s over rated. Too much responsibility, money, bills….stay a kid….stay young…you’ll get to these things soon enough.
With that said…now many of these did you do when you were underage?

According to a new survey from, here is just how bad we all were.

1.  Watched an R-rated movie at home or a friend’s house, 79%.- YES


2.  Bought alcohol, 54%.- NO ( I got someone else to do it for me…I was always too much of a chicken to do it myself)


3.  Bought cigarettes, 39%.- I didn’t do this until I was over 18


4.  Watched an R-rated movie at a theater, 27%.- Yea, but I was always allowed in…I never snuck into a theater.


5.  Had sex, 25%.- ABSOLUTELY NOT if you’re reading this mom and dad.


6.  Drove a car, 14%.- No, only when I was learning to drive with my permit.


7.  Gambled, 13%.- Well, you have to have money to gamble…so no.


8.  Got a tattoo, 6%. –  I got my first tattoo when I was 40.

Wow, I’m an angel!

How many of these did YOU do?


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