By Jill

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE FOOD! Whether you have been to these countries in person or maybe you’ve been to Epcot or maybe you just enjoy the cuisine of these places….here are the countries with the best food according to CNN.

1.  Italy. – I would expect nothing less. I am Italian ( and Irish) and we LOVE to eat. Food is how we love. If we love you, we make you food.

2.  China.- I DO enjoy some chicken chow-mein, dont get me wrong and who doesn’t love a poo poo platter or some egg drop soup.

3.  France.- When I went to Paris, I actually did NOT enjoy any of the French food. HOWEVER, I did thoroughly love their baked goods. OH! I could also eat crepes for days!

4.  Spain.- I don’t think I’ve had much Spanish food other than Paella. I am always willing to try more.

5.  Japan.- Sushi for days!

6.  India.- I always thought that I didn’t like Indian food, then I had vegetarian curry and I loved it!

7.  Greece.- You can give me some feta and some pita and some chick peas and stuffed grape leaves and I’ll have a hay day!

8.  Thailand.- THAI FOOD!!!!!!!!! RANGOOOOOOONS!!!!!!!!!!

9.  Mexico.- Chips and salsa and GUACAMOLE all the live long day!

10.  United States.- Look, say what you want….there isn’t much that can beat a really good burger and fries!

What food do YOU think is missing from this list!

Now, I’m hungry.


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