By Scott T. Sterling

Friends of Donald Glover can expect to be gifted some tasty Girl Scout cookies in the near future.

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Glover was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night (Feb. 28) to discuss the new season of his TV show, Atlanta, which premieres tonight on FX.

Colbert used the occasion to surprise Glover by bringing out Charity Joy Harrison, the ridiculously adorable little Girl Scout who went viral with a video singing his alter ego Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” to help hawk her sweet treats.

Harrison, along with her dad, slyly passed Glover an order form for Girl Scout cookies. Seeing that she needed to see 113 boxes to meet her goal, Glover bought 113 boxes of Thin Mints on the spot (what, no Tagalongs?).

Glover, Charity Joy, her dad and Colbert then proceeded to pass out cookies to the studio audience. Hopefully, there’s still a few left over for Glover’s pals.

Watch the video of Glover’s Colbert appearance below.

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