By Jill

According to the HUFFINGTON POST, there are a few things out of the ordinary that you should consider before moving in with your significant other. Other than the fact that you are around them ALLLLLLLL OFFFFFF THEEEEEEEE TIMEEEEEEEEEEE….you better like them…ALOT…because you are allllllllll in each others space.

Here are a few signs that you AREN’T ready to move in with someone.

1.  You haven’t had your first big fight yet.  Until you have a REAL argument, it’s hard to tell how solid you are.  Some relationships crumble after the first big fight.  And you don’t want to be living together if that happens.


2.  You haven’t talked about money.  Ideally, you want to talk about bills AND debt.  Being transparent about stuff like that is a sign of a mature relationship.


3.  You’re using it as a way to test the strength of your relationship.  Living together WILL test your relationship.  So try to be sure it’s strong enough going in.


4.  You think it will fix things about your relationship.  Some people do it on impulse as a way to solidify the relationship.  But it’s not a great idea for the same reason having a baby to save a marriage isn’t a great idea.


5.  You feel like the other person is pressuring you to do it.  If they want to shack up but you don’t, that’s not good enough.  It needs to be a decision you’re both on board with.


6.  There’s another roommate involved, and they’re not crazy about the idea.  Like if you live with your friend, and want your boyfriend to move in too.  Just make sure your roommate is part of the discussion, and don’t try to force it. 

I’ve lived with my partner for over a year now, we are getting married in 8 months. Space and respect of space is  A BIGGIE in getting along under the same roof.

Here’s to ya!



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