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josh homme

Josh Homme & Dave Grohl Working On New QOTSA Album

Queens Of The Stone Age are hands-down my favorite band, so I was very excited to read that a new QOTSA album is in the works . Not only that, but Dave Grohl is back in the mix helping record, and so is ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. Of course we have no idea what the timeline is one this, so whether an... Read More
cheating guy staring back at woman

Orlando Is #1! (For Affairs)

You did it, Orlando. You're #1! For cheating on your significant others. (Gotcha.) The website for people looking to have affairs, Ashley Madison, just released the results of a study on which cities have the most cheaters. Or, if we take what we learned about their clientele from that time they... Read More
toys r us

Toys R Us Already Planning Reunion Tour

Wow. If you bought tickets to the Toys'R'Us farewell tour, you should be pretty angry right about now. The least they could have done is stay off the road for a few years, Geoffrey could have done a couple of solo projects, maybe start a comic book or Netflix series. At least do it right, you know... Read More

New 'Foster The People' Is Trippy And Awesome: 'Imagination'

Oh boy. It's here and it's dope! Let us know what you think by tweeting @fm1019radio Video of Foster The People - Imagination (Official Audio) Ontem, o @fosterthepeople lançou o single "Imagination" e deu a oportunidade aos fãs de refazerem a capa da música. Então, aqui está...espero que gostem--... Read More

Float In A Pool and Watch 'The Meg' In Orlando!

It's like I've always dreamed. Watch a scary shark movie while I float in the pool.. and it's right near my house! All the details below: <-------- click here for the event deets ya dummy The only way we know how to watch shark films .... in a... Read More


Bastille is back with their first album in three years. Despite the ominous title of the brand new Doom Days , the larger-than-life LP is a soaring release ready to be the soundtrack to your summer. To celebrate Doom Days , Bastille is joining RADIO.COM alternative stations across the country for... Read More
taco bell restaurant in city downtown

Taco Bell's Luxury Hotel Is Taking Reservations Thursday

I like to consider myself a Taco Bell hipster... like I was obsessed with Taco Bell before being obsessed with Taco Bell was cool. Did I get my senior pictures taken there? No. Did I go there after prom? No. I went there, bought a ton of cheap food and ate it alone in a dark room like it was truly... Read More
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A One-Day Work Week Is Good For Mental Health

Ahem. A new study shows that a ONE DAY WORK WEEK could be good for your mental health. Here's a #trending GIF - Hope you like it #GIFBOT omg, shocked, monkey, puppet, stunned, overwhelmed, speachless — Fun with Gifs (@Trending_Gifs) June 23, 2016 You know what else is... Read More