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Model Challenges Beauty Standards With Unibrow (Video)

Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli She and her unibrow "Veronica" are challenging modern day beauty standards. Although she faces much criticism she vows to never shave or pluck her eyebrow. Video of Meet The Greek-Cypriot Model Owning Her Unibrow, Named Veronica Video of Meet The Greek-Cypriot Model Owning... Read More

Man Fakes Kidnapping So He Could Drink With Friends

According to Oddity Central , a man pranked his wife by faking his own kidnapping so he could sneak out and go drink with his friends. Although it backfired when he ended up getting 16 weeks in jail for the stunt, and missed the birth of his child. After jail time and wasting "£30,000 ($39,344.25 U... Read More

Scrabble Adds "Twerk" To List Of Words Being Added To Game

Webster released it's 6th edition of the "Scrabble Players Dictionary" 2 letter words like "ok" and "ew" have been added to the list of playable words. According to Local 21 , "Basically two- and three-letter words are the lifeblood of the game." The cause of many arguments in Scrabble now has a... Read More

TellTale Games Shuts Down Mid-Production

TellTale Games took to twitter to announce that their studio (after a series of many challenges) would be undergoing a major studio closure. — Telltale Games (@telltalegames) September 21, 2018 TellTale said it would be keeping some staff on board to finish current... Read More
Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys Announce Book Tour Details

The Beastie Boys have announced a tour for their upcoming Memoirs. In addition to a Q & A session there will be many more experiences added to each tour stop According to Pitch Fork it will feature a live score by Mix Master Mike, a new Beasties exhibit (curated by Beastie Boys & Beyond the... Read More

Another Robot Brothel Coming To The U.S.

The company that recently developed a robot sex brothel in Toronto, Canada has now taken their business to Texas While there have been many petitions to prevent this, there isn't much legal action the local citizens can take. According to WFAA , "The City of Houston's Public Works spokesperson said... Read More

Judge Rules That Kid Can Take Cannabis To School

A 5 year old Kindergarten girl in California has been told by a judge she can bring a cannabis-infused drug to school. The drug helps her to in case of emergencies as she suffers from a rare form of epilepsy . According to FOX "In California, medical marijuana use in private with a doctor's... Read More

Elle King Releases New Song, "Naturally Pretty Girls"

Elle King has released a brand new track titled "Naturally Pretty Girls." It is the third single to come from her upcoming sophomore album, Shake The Spirit . "NATURALLY PRETTY GIRLS!!! It's out now and available with pre-order. This is one of our favorite songs off the new record. #ShakeTheSpirit... Read More

Watch "Weird Al" Fill In For Weezer During "Africa" Video

Are you ready to take one step deeper into the Toto -sized hole that Weezer has blown in the universe? What started as an internet campaign has become one of the biggest songs of the year and an ever-present part of our reality. First Weezer covered Toto, then Toto covered Weezer, then "Weird Al"... Read More
Jack White

See The Classic Movie House Jack White Is Helping To Restore

There is an effort underway to restore the house from The Outsiders , and Jack White just donated thirty-thousand dollars to help make it possible. The 1983 film starring Matt Dillon , C. Thomas Howell , Patrick Swayze , Ralph Macchio , Tom Cruise , Rob Lowe , and Emilio Estevez was filmed partly... Read More