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Cranberry Mimosa

Ready For Holi-DAY DRINKING? Cranberry Mimosa Recipe

This is my type of drink - festive and EASY. This cranberry mimosa from only takes a few extra seconds to make but will definitely put you in the spirit. (HA - get it?) Ingredients: 1 lime, cut in half 2 tbsp. sugar 1 cup sweetened cranberry juice 1 bottle champagne 12 cranberries 4... Read More

WATCH: Billie Eilish Directs New Video For 'Xanny'

You go girl! Billie Eilish has directed her first ever video. It's for the song 'Xanny.' She also shows off her new hair color - a plain jane shade of brown that somehow looks freaking awesome on her. The video was released yesterday and has over 10 million views already because, you know, Billie... Read More

LISTEN: blink 182 Releases Not Another Christmas Song

Yesterday, Travis Barker dropped a teaser for “Not Another Christmas Song @blink182 12/6 --” Not Another Christmas Song @blink182 12/6 -- — Travis Barker (@travisbarker) December 4, 2019 And now we've got it! Video of blink-182 - Not Another Christmas Song (Official Audio) Read More

Banana Duct-Taped To Wall Sells For $120K At Art Gallery

The value of art is dictated only by what people are willing to pay for it. And at least 2 people thought that a banana duct-taped to a wall was worth $120,000. In fact, 3 "editions" of the "piece" were up for sale at Art Basel Miami Beach. Two of them sold, and the remaining is expected to sell... Read More
rat eating on plates

Ladies And Gentlemen... Meet New York City Coffee Rat

You get up for work. You grab a coffee. You try to grab the bus/train. It's just what you do in the morning to be the best productive member of society you can. He's no different. He's got a family to provide for. He's got his S'bucks and he needs to grab the train. Good on you, Coffee Rat. Show... Read More
two swans on lake

It'll Cost $39K To Buy The "12 Days Of Christmas" This Year

You'd waste a lot of money buying everything from "The 12 Days of Christmas" this year. PNC Financial Services recently released their annual list of the cost of everything in the song. And the total this year is: $38,993.59 . That's up just $67.56 from last year. (And that's just if you buy... Read More
Paramore performs at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Hayley Williams Bringing Back Sanctuary Of Self Love At Bonnaroo

Even more than the bands, this is why I NEED to go to Bonnaroo next summer: Hayley Williams of Paramore is bringing back her Santuary Of Self Love space at Bonnaroo. Last year brought attendees a special section featuring mini-spa treatments, flower crowns, glitter stations, yoga, and even improv... Read More

Travis Barker Teases blink 182 'Not Another Christmas Song'

Looks like tomorrow, December 6th, we'll be getting another new song from blink 182. Travis Barker teased “Not Another Christmas Song @blink182 12/6 --” Not Another Christmas Song @blink182 12/6 -- — Travis Barker (@travisbarker) December 4, 2019 Check back here tomorrow... Read More
dog and cat on floor

These Are The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2019

Naming a pet isn't like naming a kid. Like, you can name your dog anything and it won't affect their life at all. Can't do that with a kid. And yet, for some reason, people still use the same handful of pet names. I personally love it when people name their pets mundance human names like "Keith"... Read More
assorted guns on a bed

Florida Woman Buys Baby Toy At Goodwill - Gets Loaded Rifle Instead

Well that's... not right. A woman in Crestview, Florida went to a local Goodwill to get a baby shower gift . According to her facebook post, when she got home and opened the sealed box, she instead found a loaded semi-automatic rifle inside instead. Which I have to imagine, aside from how terrible... Read More