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Socially Distant with Kennyhoopla Banner

SOCIALLY DISTANT ep1 - Kenny Hoopla

With this whole quarantine/stay at home order thing, we aren't able to sit down and talk face to face with some of our favorite, we take it to Instagram Live. Kennyhoopla was my first guest on "Socially Distant" I recorded the audio in case you missed it! We talk about what he's doing... Read More

Rejoice! Harry Potter From Home Website Is Live!

Now that we've all binged through Tiger King, this is exactly what we need! J.K. Rowling has just started a whole website dedicated to Harry Potter while we're at home. Audiobooks, craft kits, games, article, puzzles, and a ton more. This isn't a site just meant for the kiddies either; I've been... Read More
gender reveal cake

Florida Gender Reveal Explosion Causes 10 Acre Fire

It was all cutesy fun and games when gender reveal parties were just cutting a cake... or popping a balloon. But then people got bored with that, and started blowing things up , setting things on fire or crashing planes . Have we learned anything from these examples? Absolutely not. Florida Man... Read More
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Quarantined Reporter Interrupted by Shirtless Belly-Baring Dad

I think news bloopers are one of my favorite things to watch on the internet. Lucky for us, we've got a new one for the highlight reels. Suncoast News reporter Jessica Lang was on quarantine and recording in her kitchen when her dad came down the hallway putting his shirt on. You get a quick... Read More

Govenor Issues 'Stay-At-Home' Order For All Of Florida

A bunch of counties, including Osceola and Orange, have already been under a stay-at-home order this week but now they're being joined by the entire state. Our Govenor Ron DeSantis is telling Florida residents to "take a pause” for 30 days and stay home, according to ClickOrlando . The statewide... Read More
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UK Man Dresses Up As A Bush To Sneak Out During Quarantine

With the Stay At Home Order here in Central Florida, you're still able to leave the house for the essentials without much worry, even go outside to exercise. But some other people are taking some drastic measures. A young couple in the UK caputured video of their neighbor sneaking out of the house... Read More

Goats And Wild Boars Have Taken Over European Towns

With long-term lockdowns in effect for parts of Europe, nature is starting to take over while man is locked inside. The seaside town of Llandudno in Wales has a flock of 122 Kashmiri goats that usually wander into town when the weather gets bad . But now, with humans isolated, officials believe the... Read More