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Man Sues British Airline

A man is suing a British Airline for £10,000 ($12,827.70 American). On a 12 hour flight from Bangkok to Heathrow the man was sat next to an obese person. According to The Guardian , the man claims sitting next to an obese person that long caused him serious injury. Video of British Airways Sued By... Read More
Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd in 2012

Soundgarden Is Probably Done, But There's Music You Haven't Heard

Alice in Chains have had a successful career, even after the death of singer Layne Staley . Stone Temple Pilots have continued in the wake of frontman Scott Weiland 's passing, and even The Doors lingered on for a few years after the death of the irreplaceable Jim Morrison . But don’t expect... Read More
Musician Tom DeLonge attends WIRED Cafe at Comic Con 2015

Tom DeLonge To Release Children's Book Featuring “Nude Dude”

Saying that Tom DeLonge has been stepping outside of the box with his recent side projects is an understatement. After his infamous To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc. and the debate of whether or not his UFO organization is actually $37,000,000 in debt, Tom is ready to return to a... Read More
Barns Courtney

EXCLUSIVE: Barns Courtney Explains "99"

Barns Courtney laments the inevitable aging process on his recent single, “99.” It’s not so much the science of aging that bothers him, it’s the societal expectations that come with getting older. “99 is about the needless formalization of fun as we age, and the strange ritual and transition from... Read More
Icy road

Dad Falls On An Icy Driveway Trying To Get His Daughter's Toy

A mom in Alaska posted a video of her husband sliding all over their icy driveway as he tries to get their daughter's kitchen play-set from the back of the pickup truck. The driveway is on a steep incline and when he loses his balance, he slides all the way to the street. It takes two different... Read More

Science Has Confirmed That Cold Weather Makes You Want To Drink

I'm not sure I needed science to tell me this, but they did it anyway - when it's COLD outside, it makes us want to drink. And, according to Eurek Alert , a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh is actually the first one to confirm it. The researchers found a direct connection between the... Read More

Florida Man Dressed As Joker Arrested

A year ago a man with face tattoos resebling the Batman villain "The Joker" was arrested on weapons charges. Well that man has once again been apehended by authorities. According WFTV , was arrested again for violation of probation. Video of 'Joker' lookalike arrested again Editor... Read More