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Metallica, Ex-bandmates To Pay Concert Tribute To Cornell

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The late Chris Cornell will be honored with a tribute concert in Los Angeles on Jan. 16 featuring members of his former bands along with Metallica and the Foo Fighters. Organizers on Tuesday announced the Forum concert that is being called "I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris... Read More

Update: Morrissey Insists He Wasn't Attacked On Stage

Video from Morrissey ’s recent show in San Diego appeared to show the singer being attacked on-stage. Moz was whisked away and the show was cut a little short, after all. But Morrissey is backing up his manager’s account and saying it’s all good. “The only trouble at San Diego were the fictitious... Read More
U2 perform on stage at the U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour. The O2 Arena, London

U2 Performs A Song Live For The First Time In 25 Years

There are some bands that run through their greatest hits albums during their live shows and call it a night. U2 has never been one of those bands. During a homecoming show over the weekend, the boys from Dublin dusted off a song from their experimental 1993 album, Zooropa , for the first time in... Read More

James Grows Antlers For A Game Of Ring Toss

You know all about the carnival game ring toss...well James is taking it to a holiday level. While he dons a set of blow-up antlers, Tafari tries to see how many rings he can throw on James' antlers. How many do you think he'll get? Read More
Dave Grohl performs at the 2018 Children's Hospital Los Angeles 'From Paris With Love' Gala

Dave Grohl Cooks BBQ For Weary Firefighters

These are trying times in California, with wildfires ravaging the state from north to south. But there have been countless heartwarming stories to come out of the ongoing tragedy, and the most recent one involves Dave Grohl . The Foo Fighters frontman stopped by Fire Station 68 in Calabasas and... Read More

There's A 'Seinfeld'-Inspired Metal Band And They're Spectacular

You’ve heard of the TV show about nothing, now there’s a hardcore metal band about nothing. That’s right – a Seinfeld -inspired band called Grindfeld . The group’s Bandcamp page describes them as “Born out of a mutual love of death metal, comical observations, coffee and hardcore. Grindfeld is a... Read More

Blink-182 Supports California Wildfire Victims with New T-Shirt

As the most devastating wildfire in California history rages on, artists everywhere are coming together with ways to help support those in its path. The loss of the homes of both humans and animals has led to the need for shelters, evacuations and more. To try and help offset the costs of the... Read More
Board games

"Monopoly for Millennials" Now Exists and It's Awful

It's never good when you can look at a product and instantly picture the table full of out-of-touch, middle-aged executives who thought it'd be a good idea. And with that, I present Hasbro's newest release . . . Monopoly for Millennials. It's basically just a collection of stereotypes, like a game... Read More

People Are Officially Giving Up On Being Healthy Until 2019

This is a tough time of year to try to lose weight and get in shape. So instead of trying, failing, and getting frustrated, wouldn't it be WAY better not to try at all? According to a new survey and the New York Post , 45% of Americans say they're officially giving up on trying to be healthy for... Read More
Black friday big sale

How Much Will the Average Person Spend Black Friday?

Are you ready to get all the amazing deals on Black Friday/Thanksgiving? Over the last week or so, more and more retailers have released their sales ads for the biggest shopping day of the year. Target was the first retailer to put their sales out last week right after Halloween. Black Friday... Read More