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FL Commissioner Allegedly Licked A Dude's Face

Yowza. Well, this one is wild. The woman below allegedly licked her coworkers face back in 2012. Happy Friday!!! Watch out for those lickers out there. Stay dry!!!!! -- #OCDivas #ObsessivelyCompulsiveDivas #TrueCrime #Randomness #WTF #Apple #Podcast #Stitcher #Spotify #WeDontWantMano #... Read More


Whoo! It's back! But for the life of me, I haven't been able to find a single location that has them. I don't mean to be critical of McDonald's, but their McFinder sucks. Try your luck and let me know where to find one. The minty moment you’ve been waiting for is finally... Read More
Dennis Lloyd

Dennis Lloyd Completes the Story on "Never Go Back"

After the viral success of "Nevermind", Israeli singer and producer Dennis Lloyd returned with the song's spiritual sequel on Friday, the distressed and meditative " Never Go Back ." Last year Lloyd made waves with the moody love song he wrote while living in Bangkok, detailing the emotional... Read More

Introducing The Florida Doorbell Licker

You may remember that recently a California man spent almost three hours licking a Ring doorbell. Of course, since it was a Ring with video capability, the video went viral and he was caught. Video of Raw: California man caught licking doorbell Well now doorbell licking has come to Florida where a... Read More

I'm Kind Of Boring

I have been having a hard time getting my blog on. These work of arts take time don't cha know. I made a quick jump video so atleast I could get something up here. Thanks to Webmaster Brad of course! -James Read More
Foo Fighters

We Now Know Who Was The Injured Foo Fighter

Last week we received a scary note from our friends in the Foo Fighters . The band was set to kickoff opening weekend for The Fillmore in New Orleans, but were forced to reschedule the performances after one of the members of the band suffered an undisclosed injury. An update on the upcoming New... Read More
Sad girl

5 Anti-Love Songs You Can Commiserate To This Valentine's Day

By Mario McKellop (via WBMP ) Every Valentine’s Day, happy couples across the nation have the opportunity to get all dressed up and go out somewhere special to celebrate how wonderful it is to be in love. Conversely, all bitter singles are constantly reminded of just how alone they are by pretty... Read More