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Woman Angry At Man

Woman Gets Marriage Annulment Because Husband Is Impotent

A judge in British Columbia was granted marriage annulment because he was able to prove that her husband suffered form impotence and was unable to consummate the marriage. The couple, which remain anonymous (I wonder why), didn't live together before their marriage in 2018, nor did the have sex... Read More

Man Jumps Car Over Drawbridge; Gets Arrested

Police in Detroit just arrested a man on Wednesday after he jumped his car over a rising drawbridge. The drawbridge operator saw the man quickly drive his car onto the bridge, blew all his tires out, then crashed through the gate after a successfully jump. Lucky for the man in the car, the operator... Read More

Viral Video Of UFO Over New Jersey Was Actually Just A Blimp

Listen, I want to believe more than most people. I love conspiracies and UFO sightings, and actually discovered this video when I was exploring the 'Conspiracy' subreddit...but even I could tell almost immediately that this was a blimp. On to the story... Recently a bunch of people from New Jersey... Read More

Dominatrix Defends Public Spanking

A dominatrix was kicked out of a bar in England after cuffing another woman to the rafters and proceeding to spank her over and over with a paddle. Lydia Chadwick aka 'Mistress Lydia' has now been defending her public spanking and wants it to be more accepted. Chadwick got to the bar with a friend... Read More
South Park

South Park To Release Hour Long Coronavirus Special

Hey! Look at this! Matt Stone and Trey Parker will be releasing a new South Park coronavirus special. It's been close to a year since the last new episode of South Park has been released. Stone and Parker are going to do what they do best on the subject of "coronavirus" with the new episode. Comedy... Read More
Now Hiring

Carvana and Radial Hiring Close To 1,800 People In Central Florida

Even though jobs are coming back locally and around the country, it's still super hard out there. The job climate sucks, and rent keeps going up. Doesn't make any sense does it??? Well, enough bringing you down. Carvana and Radial are hiring about 1,800 people in Central Florida for a variety of... Read More