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dog wearing headphones

[VIDEO] Dog In A Box Rocks Out To House Of Pain

If you like dancing dogs, and have a spare ten seconds... you should enjoy this. And let's be honest, you're not working at work. Somebody shot video of a dog in a box, and it seems to be dancing and head-banging to House of Pain's "Jump Around". I can’t stop watching this Read More
man talking at table in office

It's National Boss's Day! 2/3 Would Prefer Their Boss Be A Robot

Today is National Boss's Day. And the way the majority of people want to celebrate is... by having their boss replaced by a robot. According to a new survey , right around two-thirds of people say they'd rather be managed by a robot than their current boss, because they trust the robot more. 82% of... Read More

Florida Man Named Samuel L. Jackson Arrested For DUI

This is exactly the scenario that I would see playing out with the actor Samuel L. Jackson On Friday, a Florida Man named Samuel L. Jackson started screaming obscenities and making shooting threats after he was arrested for DUI, according to ClickOrlando . Police said Jackson "became belligerent... Read More
Taco Bell

Taco Bell's Beef Recalled Due To Possible Metal Contamination

Around 2 millions pounds of Taco Bell's delicious seasoned beef used in tacos and burritos has been removed from their restaurants across the country. Their beef supplier, Kenosha Beef International, recalled their meat over possible metal shaving contamination. The beef is sent to distribution... Read More

Florida Man Calls Cops After Roommate Steals His Weed

It's amazing this guy WASN'T arrested because he was obviously stoned out of his mind when he made this call. A Florida Man in Pasco County, Florida called 911 repeatedly on Saturday night to report that his roommate had stolen something from him...$20 worth of his weed, according to Fox35 . A cop... Read More

Prisoners Escape and Return with Whiskey

A total of four prisoners escaped from federal prison and decided to come back with whiskey. They were seen leaving the prison yard on Friday evening, and were soon caught by authorities. This comes after multiple reports of them escaping and returning to the prison with contraband including... Read More