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Lube and condom

Taxpayer Money In Iowa Used To Buy Porn, Lube, And Silk Boxers

It seems the Democratic caucus isn't the only issue the state of Iowa has been dealing with politically. It was recently discovered the public taxpayer funds for used to buy items used in human experimentation at a place called the Glenwood Resource Center...and yes, the people in charge knew about... Read More
Man Covering Crotch

Man With Permanent Erection Says He Can't See Daughter

A guy from Glasglow is in pain due to his permanent boner after he had surgery to repair his shattered pelvis. He says that he is now a prisoner in his own home. James Scott says that this is embarrassing, and he can't even get himself to the point to be able to see his daughter. Four years ago... Read More

A "Snake Orgy" Has Taken Over A Lakeland, Florida Park

Would you like to start your day with something straight out of a nightmare? Just imagine a pit of snakes, kind of like Indiana Jones , and then add to the fact that they're all sorts of turned on and gettin' it in with each other. That's what's happening right now in a part of Lake Hollingsworth... Read More

[WATCH] New Teaser For "Stranger Things 4"

Looks like we're getting ready for Stranger Things 4 , the new teaser trailer was just posted and the official social channels updated. Watch as in 60 seconds or less, they completely spoil one of the Season 3's biggest cliffhangers. Even though some articles, just 2 days ago, said he wasn't... Read More
john schnatter

Papa John Didn't Really Eat 40 Pizzas In 30 Days

Papa Johns Pizza founder and (former) CEO hasn't been in the news for anything good recently. First up, he was ousted from his position at the top of the company for allegedly using a racial slur (on a conference call about diversity training). Then a few months back, he gave an... interesting..... Read More

Wait, Who Is Eating Oreos With Mustard?

I've got a lot of questions. Now I haven't thought about crossword puzzles in years, because I'm a dumb baby with a stupid mush brain, and I can never finish more than half of a moderately difficult one - let alone New York Times, or even USA Today. I could usually get like 3 or 4 of those clues... Read More
Bruno at Pet Alliance

Mel Right Meow Adoptable Cat: Bruno

Guaranteed that Bruno is always going to have a better hair day than you! If you're ok with that, click here for adoption info from Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Pet Alliance Animal ID: 43527361 Species: Cat Breed: Domestic Shorthair/Mix Age: 7 years 3 days Gender: Male Size: Medium Color: White... Read More
Paul Rudd

[VIDEO] Paul Rudd Got Caught Vibing At A Club And Everyone Loves It

Let's be honest, Paul Rudd is as good as it gets. In recent years, he's become that top tier of celebrity where he's a massive star, but still seems like he could be your cool Uncle Paul. Seemingly always humble, despite how incredible of an actor he is, we don't have a bad thing to say about Paul... Read More