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Traffic Isn't That Bad Here. You're Just A Baby.

Fight me.

March 9, 2019

So many of us are transplants from bigger cities where they experienced REAL traffic. It's as if you all forgot where you came from.

Do you want to see traffic? Visit Atlanta, LA, San Fran, DC or NYC where it can take 2.5 hours to go 10 miles. 

HOLIDAY TRADITION: This was bumper-to-bumper traffic in L.A. last night as Angelenos got a head start on Thanksgiving travel. More than 2.5 million travelers are expected to pass through LAX over an 11-day period. Click the link in our bio for the full story.

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Now I'm not saying we don't have awful drivers who never want to let you in for some ungodly reason. 

Nor am I saying the I-4 construction isn't a huge pain in the ass. 

Who can agree? -- -- #i4 #orlandotraffic

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But, for pure traffic/volume we have it good comparatively and you all should be thankful.

End rant.