[Review] Twenty Øne Piløts Bandito Tour @ The Amway Center


June 17, 2019

Photo Credit: Ava Schlesman


Twenty One Pilots' sold out Bandito stage show at the Amway Center consists of a burning car, unique scaffolding, rotating stages, and a visually stunning light show.

But they’re more than a spectacle of visual effects. The heart of the show relies on beautiful singing, thought-provoking lyrics, and catchy songs.

“We Don’t Believe What’s on TV” (the first on the setlist requiring audience participation) is an upbeat ukulele tune that’s juxtaposed against lyrics about the frustrations of not living up to one’s potential.

On a more intimate stage closer to the back audience, Tyler Joseph tells us of his song "Legend". “I wrote this song for my grandfather… and if there’s one thing he taught me it is to keep fighting until the bitter end.” It’s a touching moment between the artist and the audience, who empathize and hopefully take that message to heart.

Changing the pace and walking 10 feet above the audience on a lowered catwalk, Josh Dunn unzipped his jacket to reveal a handmade Disney World t-shirt, much to everyone’s glee.

Thanks to their relentless touring, and slew of bangers, Twenty One Pilots has one of the most devoted and unique fanbases in the world. The Orlando TØP crowd is an inclusive community of weirdos who dance with strangers, compliment each other’s funky outfits, and throw caution to the wind. 

It’s as if Twenty One Pilots isn’t just some band, but an attitude.  And that positivity feeds the entire room, including passive fans who may not have been huge supporters before but certainly are now. The Skeleton Clique (what TØP calls their devoted fanbase) accepts everyone.

With a packed setlist, TØP is somehow able to squeeze all their best songs and make time to play fun games with the audience, leaving just early enough to make you wish for another encore.