VIDEO: Student Attempts World Record Down A 100 Meter Slip And Slide

He hit a top speed of 32 mph...

October 14, 2020
Water Slide Splash

galitskaya / Getty


A college student from Ohio wanted to set the Guinness World Record down a very long slip and slide.

Jeff Roper, a mechanical engineering major at Brigham Young University in Idaho, dug huge dirt trenches, laid down painters tarps, and watered it all down using a garden hose to create the slipper course.

It seems like everyone in town was excited for the attempt, even the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office showed up to check out the big event.

Roper ended up sliding 32 mph down the tarps and slip and slid 100 meters in 10.4 seconds.

He has already submitted the video evidence to Guinness World Records, and is just waiting to hear back to see if he was accepted.

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