30 Foot Tall Poo Emoji Placed At Portland’s Courthouse To Support World Toilet Day

Insert #2 joke here...

November 18, 2019

The biggest poo in the world (I think) arrived at downtown Portland's Courthouse Square recently.

The inflatable giant poo emoji was placed there, with permission, by Poo-Pourri and designed to support World Toilet Day. I'm not making this up.

World Toilet Day is celebrated worldwide and is a event to drive attention towards the global sanitation crisis.

Turns out you can actually go inside the giant poo emoji and sit on fake toilets that have iPad's attached to them. Almost like you on your real toilet at home.

Lookout for the Giant Poo in a city near you, Poo-Pourri plans to bring it to over 20 cities in the US.

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