AIRBNB Turned Rap Video Shoot With Hundreds Of People Ends In Arrests And 20 Guns Seized

You can rent a AIRBNB to record a rap video?

February 3, 2020
Lots of guns

specnaz-s / Getty


Over 200 people attended a rap video shoot at a AIRBNB in Chicago. Out of those 200, four were arrested.

Police received a call about the disturbance, and also were told that many of them were holding weapons. 

"Officers formulated a plan and made entry into the building where individuals streamed out of the building, pushing and fighting police, discarding weapons as they fled, a systematic search of the building yielded a total of 24 handguns and one semi-automatic, short barrel rifle." authorities said.

AIRBNB thanked the police for their help, and also assisting in their on going attempt to stop people from using AIRBNB services for short-term "party houses."

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