I Liked the Super B*wl Half Time Show

I didn’t think the half time show was bad...at all.

February 4, 2019

I guess the NFL keeps deleting and re-uploading the half time show because of the massive negative response.

  • I watched the whole thing. I mean, it wasn’t the greatest thing I have ever seen, but it’s still f*$king amazing.
  • Did you see the mini-drones in the air spelling out words? No, not amazing?
  • Did you see/hear Adam Levine singing good…like really good…and live? No, not amazing?
  • Did you see all the lights and pyro working while synchronized? No, not amazing?
  • How about the fact that they brought a stage and all those people out on the field in a minute, and then they had to leave and get off the field in roughly the same time? No, not amazing?
  • Did you see Big Boi come out in a moving vehicle then get up on stage in a bad ass fur coat all while rapping and singing on beat? No, not amazing?
  • How about Travis Scott cursing and CBS was able to dump the audio in time so your children’s ears would not be tarnished, forever protecting them from the psychological trauma that would be sure to haunt them forever because a no-no word was said? No, not amazing?

I’ll even go out on a limb and say I am positive you can’t, and will never, do anything remotely as amazing as that half time show.

So, stop being angry just to be angry...it makes me angry.