1 in 8 Australians Blame Bill Gates and 5G for Coronavirus

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May 19, 2020
Bill and Melinda Gates

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As much as a stupid you think I am, I just don't don't dismiss conspiracy theories any more. Since so many 'conspiracies' have turned out to be true over the last 50 years, I just come from the "maybe...maybe not" stance.

I guess the same goes for our friend down under. In a recent Essential Research poll one in five 18-34 year old Australians believe that Bill Gates is involved with creating the Coronavirus, and also one in 5 of the same demographic also think 5G Wireless Networks are being used to spread Covid-19.

Maybe...maybe not...

Who believes the theory broken down by demographics:

  • 13% of 35-54
  • 8% of 55+
  • 15% of males
  • 9% of females

Earlier today the Communication Minister Paul Fletcher dismissed the 5G link to the spread of Coronavirus, and considers spreading that information irresponsible, dangerous, and harmful the community. You know what they say about people who get defensive.

Well luckily in America we have freedom of speech...kinda.

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