Saggy Pants No Longer Banned In This South Florida City

It's time to dig the JNCO's out of the closet...

September 14, 2020
Baggy Pants

blanaru / Getty


Baggy pants that show your underwear have been banned for 13 years in Opa-locka Florida. That ban has now been overturned.

The city commission had a vote Wednesday to get rid of the legislation from 2007, and an ordinance added in 2013 that said both women and men could get ticketed for wearing pants that exposed their underwear.

According to the Miami Herald this is just the first reading of the repeal, and will have to be approved once more to make it official. It should completely pass because the legislation is co-sponsored by four of the five commissioners.

There are signs all around the city that show an image of two men wearing pants sagging below their waists with the words, "No ifs, ands or butts ... It's the city law!"

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