Bank Manager Fired For Helping Customer Open Their Mail

Bank managers manager sounds like a dick...

July 31, 2020

pidjoe / Getty


An 86 year old man had a bunch of bills in the mail that he was having a hard time opening. So, the nice old man went to the banks and asked a bank manager for help. She of course being a human being, helped the elderly man out...and then she got fired for doing so.

Nadia Begum, the Lloyds bank manager, helped Clifford Weedon with his mail since his eyesight has been getting much worse, so bad that it was even hard for him to figure out how to open his mail.

Lloyds stated that they made the decision based on their "colleague code of responsibility"...which I'm guessing now is to be an a*&hole to customers?

Lloyds bank also hinted at the possibility that Mr. Weedon was up to some suspicious behavior, which he totally refutes.

"It's absolutely horrendous how they have treated Nadia. This is not a sackable offense. What she has done for me is fantastic." Weedon said.

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