Town in North Carolina Having Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt

The social distancing champion of the world...

September 15, 2020

twilightproductions / Getty


A town in North Carolina has a celebration for Bigfoot once a year, but this year McDowell County had to think up something new with the whole coronavirus thing going on.

This year they will be throwing a "Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt" instead of their typical festivities.

Want to get involved? Well here's what's going on...

Locals and visitors will be looking for Bigfoot emblems that will be placed all over the county.

County officials say the hunt will take you on a journey of the entire area.

"Bigfoot is the social distancing champion of the world. There are a lot of traditional businesses that have been in the community for a while that are part of the hunt, and some new ones further out that are going to test people's knowledge." Landdis Hollifield, a tourism official, said.

Once you get the emblem, take a photo of it. After you have collected the correct amount, you then email them to the address specified to win a prize.

I have no idea what the prize is...sooo...good luck with that.

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