British Government Invests In Sex Party Business


July 30, 2020
Sex Party

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Okay, it's not a million dollar or anything but still...

The British government is putting $221,780 into a sex party company.

The name of the company is Killing Kittens for some reason. Their main focus is putting together adult parties in New York and London. The company announced on Wednesday that they were able to get just over $200,000 from the government with the Future Fund. The fund is provided to startups to help them make it through the whole corona thing.

"Killing Kittens has arrived on the digital scene and we're now pioneering the fastest-growing adult social network in the world," said CEO Emma Sayle.

Style started Killing Kittens all the way back in 2005. It's a members only company that hosts masked parties at 'exclusive venues' with a focus on female pleasure.

According to their website they have almost 200,000 members in 12 countries.

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