Male Cat Needs Glucose Drip After Mating With 5 Female Felines In One Night

That's a lot of PUS...nevermind.

October 7, 2019

A cat needed a glucose drip after having sex with five different females in less than 24 hours after being left out of his Pet Hotel cage by staff. 

(insert porno music here)

This stud of a cat's name is Xiaopi. Xiaopi's owners specifically asked staff to let let him out of the cage because he had not been neutered. Turns out everyone didn't get the message.

The cat's owner said, "I thought they'd be professional, but the staff member didn't feed Xiaopi during the day and let him out to roam freely at night"

Apparently all the cats were free to walk around the Pet Hotel when the employees went home, and that led to the kitty sexy-time.

How did management and the owners know this took place? Well there was security footage that showed the horny cat mating with five female's between 10:40pm and 5am.

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