Adult Webcam Site Launches Scripted Comedy Show

Should I cancel my Netflix subscription???

June 26, 2020
Adult Website

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Chaturbate, an adult webcam site, is teaming up with independent filmmakers to create a new 10 episode comedy series called "Cam_Girlfriend."

The series will focus on new cam girl Chloe Cables who tries to balance her romantic relationship, work, and fans. The show will be available on the YouTube channel Camming Life, and will be promoted on Chaturbate's website and social media outlets with new episodes released weekly.

The show will focus on both funny and serious subjects having to do with cam girl life, "We felt camming was a fascinating world rich with comedic material for us to explore. It’s a place where so much more than just sex happens — friendships are formed, art is expressed, and hilarity occurs daily,” said Canadian filmakers Ethan Cole and Daniel Rosenberg.

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