Cybersex and Online Intimacy On The Rise During Pandemic


July 29, 2020

AndreyPopov / Getty


Relationships and more specifically sexuality have been hurt since the world has gotten all covidy.

But, us humans always find away to sex it up no matter what stands in our way.

A survey showed that most people have suffered a decline in the quality of their sex lives during the lock downs. 20% of those surveyed said they had added something new to their sex life like including porno in the bedroom, cybersex, and new sexual positions.

Lots of countries have medical agencies have released somewhat similar guidelines to follow when it comes to sex during the pandemic. For example, wash your hands, sex with partners that with you, use of masks or other barriers, and positions that could reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Nothing turns people on more than thinking about a virus when they are about to do it.

The New York City Department of Health is encouraged self love with their “You are your safest sex partner" campaign. They also added that instead of dating in person, try Zoom and sexting.

Nothing turns people on more than the government telling us how to do it.

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