Supreme Court Awards $20,000 To A Woman Who Was Fined For Not Holding Escalator Railing


December 2, 2019

This amazing story comes out of Canada. The Canadian Supreme Court decided that a woman who was arrested because she wouldn't hold onto the handrail at a Metro Station will be awarded $20,000.

Bela Kosoian is the woman's name, and this case goes all the way back to 2009! A police officer ordered her to essentially respect the "Hold the Handrail" rules. Kosoian refused to comply, and refused to show any form of ID.

Those series of events led to her being arrested, and shortly there-after being let go with a ticket for $100 for disobeying the rules, and $320 for obstructing the officer.

Here we are in 2019, and the woman has won a lawsuit and damages totally $20,000 for the entire ordeal.

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