Fake Amazon Dating App That Sells People Is Apparently Going Viral

I'm on sale for trree fiddy

February 5, 2020
Woman Holding Phone Confused

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From non ghosting contracts, to great deals...on people...this fake Amazon Dating App is catching the attention of the internet.

Suzy Shinn, Ani Acopian, and Morgan Gruer decided they were going to celebrate April Fools day early this year and got together with a animation company to create a fake satirical Amazon Dating App.

You can buy people you want to date just as you would purchase a real item on the real Amazon site.

The site also features a love language option which  would help you match with someone who matches ones same interests. But remember, this is fake.

There are even fake reviews:

"I bought as a wedding gift for my great Aunt who is in her 80's and was getting remarried."

Apparently half of the internet is upset the fact that different people cost different amounts. They know this is fake, and they still find a way to be outraged.

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