Flight Returns To Airport Because Passenger Faked Illness To Get Better Seat

I don't think that's how that works

December 3, 2019

An American Eagle flight had head to head back to where it just took off from because a woman on board faked being sick in an attempt to get a better seat.

Who would think that would actually work?

After taking off, the passenger began asking the flight attendants for a bigger seat. The attendants let her know that they could not give her a better seat, and then she started acting like she was sick.

At this point because of the "illness" and disruption, the pilot had to turn around and land back in Pensacola. Some time between the plane landing and coming back to the gate, the airline staff realized that this woman was definitely faking it.

She was asked to deboard the plane but would not comply. The airline staff decided it was time to call the police, which resulted in the woman being arrested.

Now the woman is at a mental health facility. Yea, it seems under a Florida Law called the Baker Act, authorities can detain individuals who could possibly be impaired due to a mental illness.

She should of just stayed in coach.

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