Florida Hospitals Confirming Mistakes In COVID-19 Positive Tests Report, Numbers May Be Much Lower

July 14, 2020
Florida Hospital

Gerardo Mora / Stringer / Getty


A new FOX 35 investigative report shows that Florida's positive coronavirus numbers from the Florida Dept. of Health may be wrong and overcounted..

The Florida Department of Health just released their COVID-19 report showing 11% positivity rate throughout the state, but FOX 35 contacted a number of hospitals and the numbers don't add up.

Labs throughout the state are reporting that almost everyone who shows up and gets tested is testing positive for the virus. Some reports show hospitals having a 100% positivity rate.

The report specifically showed that Orlando Health had a 98% rate of positive cases, but that isn't the case. Orlando Health's positivity rate is only 9.4%....so the Florida Department of Health's report showed a 98%, but the actual data from the hospital is only 9.4%.

Doesn't add up, right?

Here's another example from FOX 35...

The same report from the health department showed Orlando Veterans Medical Center had a positive rate of 76%, but the hospital said the actual rate is only 6%.

I'm not a reporter...obviously...but if you want to learn more and follow this story definately check out FOX 35's page for more.

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By the way, I'm not a journalist. I'm just a dumb dj finding random stories online to post on this blog. I wouldn't count on anything you read from me being 100% or even 75% correct...