Fox Bites Student After Student Feeds Fox McNuggets

Bada bababa ... i'm bitin' you!

June 26, 2020
Wild Fox

CreativeNature_nl / Getty


CJ Wong, an Australian student at University of New South Wales decided to feed a nearby fox some chicken McNuggets because he thought it didn't seem to scared of him being around.

Shortly after biting down on the McNugget, the fox bit down on Wong.

This isn't the first fox bite around campus. Liz Willer saw what she thought was a bunch of cute foxes hanging out on campus. Willer decided to go over and pet one of them, and she was also bitten.

University staff are going to try and reduce campus debris, rodents, and brush in an effort to reduce the amount of foxes coming close to walkways and buildings. If that doesn't help reduce the fox population, the campus will be forced to euthanize them.

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