Man Charged With Impersonating Officer During A Police Chase

Stories like this just make me ask... why?

November 4, 2019

A North Carolina man has been charged with being an idiot... to be more specific he was impersonating a cop during a police chase.

The Wilson Police Department pulled over a vehicle that had a possible murderer inside around 11pm on October 5th. As soon as police approached the vehicle they fled the scene.

After two miles of chasing this suspect, police noticed a driver of a black Ford Taurus with blue lights had pinned the fleeing vehicle up against another squad car.

David Adams,  the driver of the fake police vehicle, told the suspects to get out of the car at gunpoint. He even handcuffed and searched them.

Adams almost got away, but Wilson Police decided to follow up on this mysterious officer days later. They were right to be suspicious, because we was faking it. Adams was placed under arrest.

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