Internet Stalker Arrested For Sending Prostitutes Pizza And Tow Trucks To Victims' Homes

Pizza and prostitutes doesn't sound so bad

December 3, 2019

A Utah man and his daughter were targets of a cyberstalker. As of now the family and authorities cannot find the reason why, but they were the sole targets of the internet predator.

That predator is named Loren Okamura. He is now accused of sending the family hundreds of services that they never asked for. We're talkin' tow trucks, environmental cleanup, tree trimmers, prostitutes, and locksmiths.

Okamura, who actually lives in Hawaii, faced a federal judge in Honolulu last Wednesday and will be extradited to Utah for further charges.

Some of the threats were somewhat violent, Okamura allegedly sent the daughter threats via email saying “sleep with one eye open and keep looking over her shoulder,” also“You should just kill yourself and do your family a favor.”

Okamura used encryption that was supposed to make him untraceable and anonymous, but investigators were able to track him through his Apple ID and cell phone records.

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