Person In Jetpack Has Been Spotted Flying Near LA Airport Again

Twice in a 2 month period...

October 15, 2020

Jerry Markland / Stringer / Getty


Back in September I reported on a couple airline pilots who were on their approach to land at LAX, and sent a message to tower asking if anyone else had seen the guy thousands of feet up in the air using a jetpack. An investigation was launched, and nothing was found...until now.

There are new reports of a unidentified jetpack person flying around near Los Angeles International Airport. That's now two jetpack man incidents in less than 90 days.

This time a China Airlines crew had the pleasure of reporting in what they described as someone 6,000 feet in the air using a jetpack. To put that into perspective, the Empire State Building is only 1,250 feet tall.

"The FBI is in contact with the FAA and is investigating multiple reports of what, according to witnesses, appeared to be an individual in a jetpack near LAX," FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

At this time there has been no comment from the FAA.

Who is jetpack man? I hope we find out soon.

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