Man Puts Gun To His Son’s Head For Drinking Last Dr. Pepper

No, not Florida Man this time

January 13, 2020
Dr. Pepper 2 Liters

Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty


This idiot is from West. Monroe Louisiana. A man was taken into custody because according to police he put a gun to his son's head because he drank the last Dr. Pepper.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office stated that the son, 9 years old, and his mother told them that his dad, Chad Kinnaird, was drinking alcohol and had his gun on him when he got home. The son told police that his father got mad at him because he drank the last Dr. Pepper in the house, and then the father put the gun up against his sons head.

Police also stated that their 11 year old daughter who was home, but did not see the event unfold told police that her dad had told her that he had put the gun against the head of her brother.

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