I Think I Have Menopause

Can a man have it?

January 30, 2019

James Steele

I made a deal with myself to write one of these every day, and despite being busy ...I need to write this.

So let's get down to business and discuss the real issues.

I'm cold right now. But, I'm one of those crazy people who can never be just right. If I turn the AC up to 71 in this dreary grey room with padded walls (I'm in the studio but sometimes it feels like an insane asylum) I'm going to get hot. Literally, as I typed that I started getting warm.

Isn't that what happens when women go through menopause? Does anyone know what menopause really is? I know it has the words Men and Pause in it...so I am sure it has something to do with us.

I remember my Mom went though menopause because my Dad told me. I forget how old I was, and I believe I asked him,"What the hell is menopause Dad???" Not sure if I said hell...but let's go with it. "It's something moms go through son."

He didn't know. I bet he still doesn't know to this day. For the most part I don't think any man, boy, or man-boy knows what it is.

I guess I could look it up, but I enjoy the mystery.

I'm gonna go turn the AC back on to get rid of my menopause.