Man Allegedly Threatened Farmers Who Wouldn't Let Him Have Sex With Animals

Cue the dueling banjoys

October 11, 2019
Man Pet Sheep

KiraVolkov / Getty


A man from New Jersey just got arrested because he asked farmers to have sex with their animals, and they ended up co*k blocking him. After the farmers said "NO", he threatened them and even went so far as to damage their vehicles.

This isn't a recent thing for Richard Decker (Animal Lover). The messages asking the farmers for animal sex go back to 2019. It seems he didn't have a specific animal in mind and kept his options open. He asked for cows and horses, but I bet he would of probably settled for a chicken.

After the farmers denied his animal sex request, Decker went ahead and put metal spikes on their driveways damaging their car tires. He even threatened to beat one of the farmer's wives.

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