Man With Permanent Erection Says He Can't See Daughter

If your erection last forever, please consult your doctor

February 18, 2020
Man Covering Crotch

Darunechka / Getty


A guy from Glasglow is in pain due to his permanent boner after he had surgery to repair his shattered pelvis. He says that he is now a prisoner in his own home.

James Scott says that this is embarrassing, and he can't even get himself to the point to be able to see his daughter.

Four years ago Scott seriously injured his pelvis when 1.5 tons of glass fell on him at work four years ago. He fractured the bone at the bottom of his spine, and also seriously injured both of his legs, and had a blocked urethra.

Back in 2018 doctors operated on his penis that left him with erectile problems. The recent operation to correct that erectile dysfunction has now given him a permanent erection.

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