Should Men Wear Scarfs???

Here come the men in scarfs

January 31, 2019

James Steele

I’ve got to admit something…

Today it wasn’t necessary to wear a scarf, but I looked around my apartment for five minutes trying to find it just because I thought it would look good. I spend way too much time worried about how I look, but at almost 35 years old I feel it is necessary because…well I don’t know why.

We have all seen bad pictures of ourselves. I don’t think there is a person on the planet that doesn’t care about a picture where they look one part monster, eight parts ugly.

Your friends or family will say “We are our own worst judges.” Listen Todd…just tell me if I look ugly…because I’m looking at this picture, and I definitely look a mixture of odd and stupid.

The sky is blue, that stop sign is red, and my face looks dumb in that pic.

What am I getting at? Let me figure that out…


I think the reason why I care so much about how I look is because it is inevitable at some point during the day I will have a camera pointing at me.Most of the time it’s in my hand.

Wow! How douchy is this blog? Not sure how you spell douchey.


What I’m trying to say is… with these blogs, Facebook lives, and the other nonsense that happens around this building…I’m going to have to see a picture of me and I hate when it sucks.

So, back to the dudes wearing scarfs thing.

Nevermind, I just realized I don’t care anymore.