Michael Jackson's Daughter Starring As Lesbian Jesus In New Movie

What now???

June 29, 2020
Paris Jackson

Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty


A new movie called Habit will be based on a party girl with a fetish for Jesus who ends up getting mixed up in drugs and masquerades as a nun.

She will also portray Jesus with a nose ring.

There is no official release date for the movie, and there is a petition to stop the films release by Movieguide.

Movieguide is a non profit organization that tries to restore Christian values in the movie and entertainment industry.

Movieguide's main argument is that "Habits" would mislead and confuse kids.

“Hollywood is back at it again!” the petition starts. This time they’re attacking the historical and Biblical portrayal of Jesus Christ. We need your help to stop it! Help us prove that this Movie is unacceptable to believers around the country and the globe,” the petition stated.

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