NC Mom Accused of Trading Toddler For A Car

What kind of car?

October 7, 2019

A woman was charged with unlawful sale of a minor. Alice Leann Todd was discovered trading her 1 year old to a couple for a 1992 Plymouth Laser. WTF!!?!?

What the hell is a Plymouth Laser?

The couple, Tina Chavis and Vincenio Romero who received the child are also facing the same charges.

Authorities opened the investigation when Chavis brought the child to the hospital because of a allergic reaction. Hospital staff noticed bruises and contacted CPS.

Chavis told CPS that she was the biological mother, then the story changed to adoptive mother. Police asked for documents, and she obviously couldn't produce any.

Police soon discovered the vehicle child trade that happened a year prior. Now all three are being held on $50,000 bond just north of Charlotte North Carolina.

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