Man Finds Monkey Selfies On Lost Phone

Were any filters used???

September 15, 2020
Monkey Selfie

lilkar / Getty


A man from Malaysia found a bunch of monkey selfies and videos on a phone he lost in the jungle behind his home.

On his camera roll he found video of the monkey attempting to eat his phone.

The man said that he woke up one morning and thought his phone had been stolen over night while sleeping.

"There was no sign of robbery. The only thing on my mind was is it some kind of sorcery," he told the BBC.

On top of the video of the monkey attempting to eat the phone, he also found photos of the monkey hanging out in the tree tops.

Sunday the man decided to call his phone, and luckily heard it outside in the jungle just a couple steps from his back yard. It was there he found it underneath a palm tree.

After cleaning it up, he turned it on, opened the photo folder "and boom, it's full of monkey photos".

At this time he believes that the monkey snuck in his house in the middle of the night through his brothers bedroom window.

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