Murder Suspect Walks Free For 2 Weeks Because Ankle Monitor Repossessed For Non Payment

That cant be good for his credit score

October 4, 2019
Ankle Monitor

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A man who's charged with murder may have accidentally found a big loophole in the system. Clint Walker was assigned a ankle monitor device by the court so authorities knew where he was at all times.

Walker couldn't afford to make the monthly payments on the monitor. The service provider for these ankle monitors, Guarding Public Service, essentially repossessed the device allowing Walker to walk free for 2 weeks.

"It does raise concerns with the District Attorney's Office in terms of whether or not this a widespread problem, and we don't want any repetition of this." said the Assistant to the District Attorney David Mitcham.

According to the Harris County Corrections Department there is no loophole.

At this point it seems like all the different departments are pointing and blaming one another.

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