Kim Jong Un Demands Poo!

Holy crap...literally

January 29, 2019

James Steele

There are two incredible stories coming out of North Korea today.

Edible clothes and Human Manure to Save Food. Holy crap literally.

I present to you another of addition 'Thank God I Live In America.'

So, recently fearless leader Kim Jung Un has demanded that every citizen umm…creates? Let’s go with creates. Creates 200 pounds of poo per….

Decade? Year? Month? Week? NOPE…You’re all wrong.

200 pounds of poo per day per person. Now I’ve had some rough days thanks to a burrito or eight. But I am pretty sure it is absolutely impossible to produce that much HuManure.

This is all because they need more food for their people, so they need to poo to help the food grow. But, if there isn’t enough in the first place how are they going to produce that much. See what I’m saying?

Now, there is a penalty if they do not meet their poo requirements. Or.. pooments…sorry. Anyways, if they cannot produce 200 pounds of their own, they must supply 600 pounds of poo from animals.

Man-nure I love America!

In even sadder news out of NK.

North Korea has released a shirt for men that could be eaten if they are going through starvation. It apparently has a mixture of protein, fruit juice, magnesium, iron, and other stuff…hopefully not Human Manure.