11 Birds Dead In Pigeon Racing Scandal

Pigeon racing is a thing???

July 31, 2020

Frank Cornelissen / Getty


They call it the Tour de France of pigeon racing...yes apparently that's a thing. 

Pigeon racing has a new scandal after 11 of the birds were found dead they day before the big race. Authorities think that they were poisoned.

On top of the 11 dead, seven other pigeons are currently sick. All of this has caused the Club des Internationaux Francais (CIF) to take 2,000 birds out of the event.

Okay, get ready for this guys job title...

The president of the French Pigeon Fanciers' Club, Phillippe Odent, stated that this suspected poisoning must have been caused by "vultures" and "parasites"...not literal vultures and parasites.

“Their words are indifferent to me and it would be do them too much honor to comment on them but I think that fortunately many have identified the kind of sad characters they are,” Odent said.

About 15,000 pigeons were to compete in the Barcelona 2020 race. They birds would fly over 1,000 miles, and winning birds have been sold for close to $300,000 in the past.

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