Priest Uses Water Gun To Spray People With Holy Water Due To Social Distancing


May 18, 2020
Priest with mask



A priest in Detroit recently decided to maintain social distancing rules, but also continue service. What did he do? Well, drive up church and putting holy water inside a squirt gun to spray his congregation.

What would Jesus do...amiright?

Photos from the service went viral, and Reverend Timothy Pelc is seen spraying holy water into car windows as it is stopped at the front of the church. He is also wearing a mask and gloves for extra safety. He also decided to help water some plants in the back of one of the church-goers vehicles.

Pelc was a bit concerned about what the Vatican would say after the photos went viral on social media, but so far he hasn't heard anyting.

People are saying they don’t want to come out just yet, there’s still a lot of fear out there and I don’t blame them.” said Pelc.

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