Skunk Ape At Gatorland Will Help Promote Social Distancing

Beware of the socially distant skunk ape...

May 20, 2020
Bigfoot Skunk Ape

twilightproductions / Getty


Gatorland is working on their reopening plan, and they've figured out the best way to make sure people stay socially distant.

Have Skunk Ape enforce the rules.

Recently at a Bringing Back Tourism meeting with the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force Gatorland joined many of the other theme parks across Orlando to figure out the best ways to start the reopen procedure.

Gatorland stated that once they reopen, they will use their own expert to promote social distancing. That expert is the "Social Distancing Skunk Ape."

"The Florida Cryptid knows all about keeping away from others and is perfect for the job.  He tends to be more elusive than his cousin, Bigfoot, is 'insistent that you stay distant,' and reminds guests to stay six feet apart. He’s also all about keeping your hands clean and sanitizing regularly." said a member of the Gatorland team.

So, if you plan on going to the park once it reopens, make sure to keep your eyes open for Skunk Ape, because he'll have his eyes on you...from a distance of course.

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