Man Forced To Quarantine With Hundreds Of Parrots

June 29, 2020

mayskyphoto / Getty


Majid Esmaeli has only been able to share his time with hundreds of parrots during the Coronavirus quarantine.

He recently wrote an email to the Tampa Bay Times with "SOS" in the subject line.

"My name is Majid Esmaeili (AKA) Magic and I am prisoner in my own property with over 200 parrots. No way to get in or out."

For months the man has been alone and "trapped" because of a property dispute that is forcing him to stay on the five acre bird sanctuary in Tampa. The Sanctuary is sorrounded completely by other peoples land.

He has been the only person taking care of hundreds of parrots and other wild birds. Before the COVID-19 lockdown he has tons of volunteers to help him out.

“I get up before the sun, and all day I am cleaning, fixing cages, feeding parrots until night. At night, I answer a few emails from people who want me to take their parrots, but I can’t take any parrots now. I am only one person.” he said

He and the parrots have been pretty much eating bananas and bamboo shoots which he grows on the Sanctuary property. He also has some rice on hand, and sleeps in the office.

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