Lake Titicaca's Scrotum Frog On Its Last Legs

How about that headline...

July 28, 2020
Lake Frog

Ian Fox / Getty


First of all, I'm aware that the picture above isn't a scrotum frog. Oddly enough, no one in our stock picture library has ever taken a picture of a scrotum frog for free maybe one of you can get on it and sent a picture to Getty.

On to the story....

A bunch of scientists have joined together to help save the great scrotum frog of Lake Titicaca.

The scientific name for this scrotum toad is Telmatobius Culeus. It usually lives right around Lake Titicaca, and across the border of Bolivia and Peru. On top of that, these rare frogs are the largest aquatic frog in the world.

So, why is it called the Scrotum Frog?

Well, they have a bunch of ugly loose skin that creates folds and flaps...there ya go...that's your answer.

See...told ya.

These frogs are endangered because way too many people are eating them. Also there are an invasive species of trout that keep eating the scrotum tadpoles.

For more on the efforts to save this frog, check out the full story from CNN by clicking HERE.